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I had been attempting to follow the advice of one Bill O’Reilly, erstwhile television host and indefatigable dispenser of folksy heartland wisdom for Real Americans. As I remember it, the discussions in the GQ office leading up to this article being commissioned revolved around a sense that Gary Oldman was one of the greatest actors of his generation but one that had somehow been forgotten about, and that while others less deserving were feted and celebrated, he seemed to be underappreciated. Are You Serious Face, also known as “Seriously?”, is a black and white drawing of a perplexed looking man or woman that is often used in rage comics. It is generally used as a reaction to overwhelming ignorance or stupidity.

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Are You Serious Face / Seriously? | Know Your Meme

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He also made a cameo appearance in the movie. A song with Small World called "Pinky Shinin" was expected to be on the album, but it was dropped. Retrieved October 3, Retrieved March 1,

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