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PU Leather Tablet Cell Phone Portable Battery Bank 8000mah Mobile Power Pack

US $5 - 10/Piece (Min. Order: 50 Pieces)
Outport : 5V 1A, 5V 2.1A
Input : 5V 1A
Dimension : 153*69*10mm
Model Number : HPPB0009
Weight : 0.4kg
Brand Name : Hopora

power bank promotion,mobile power universal mobile charger power pack,cheap portable power bank 2600mah

- / (Min. Order: 100 Sets)
Battery type : 18650 Lithium Battery
Outport : DC 5V/1A
Input : Micro USB Ports DC5V-1A
Dimension : 25*25*92mm
Weight : 180g
Brand Name : OEM Power Bank

Mobile Phone Emergency Disposable Power Bank Charger 1000mah charge mobile 35% power

US $1 - 2.5/Piece (Min. Order: 1000 Pieces)
Outport : DV 5V 800mA
Model Number : PB-2500
Weight : 40g
Capacity : 1000mah
Brand Name : Sunda
Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)

high quality lipstick 2600mah power bank/ mobile power pack

US $0.9 - 2.9/Piece (Min. Order: 100 Pieces)
Color : Black,Blue,Gray,Green,Pink,Red,Silver
Battery type : Single A grade 18650 battery
Outport : 5V 1000mA
Model Number : XWG-103(power bank)
Weight : 120g
Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)

Convenient Lithium Battery 5000mah power bank Provide Power with rohs power bank

US $1.56 - 3.08/Piece (Min. Order: 10 Pieces)
Color : Beige,Black,Gray,Green,Red,Yellow,Beige, Black, Gray, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Pantone Color
Outport : 5V 1A/2.1A
Input : 15V/1A
Socket Type : Micro USB
Dimension : 153*76*9.8mm
Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)

solar power all in one solar charger solar power bank for mobiles

- / (Min. Order: 1 Piece)
Color : Black,White
Socket Type : Micro USB and DC 12V
Dimension : 116*73*23mm
Weight : 248g
Brand Name : WGP
Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)

2200mah mobile power,shenzhen mobile power 2200mah,2200mah power bank for mobiles

US $1 - 4/Piece (Min. Order: 50 Pieces)
Outport : 5V/2.1A
Socket Type : For USA/Canada
Model Number : PD-C0044
Weight : 170G
Brand Name : OEM
Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)

XIAOMI Perfume Power Bank 10000MAH power bank portable charger power pack

US $9.7 - 11.0/Pieces (Min. Order: 120 Pieces)
Color : Black,Silver
Input : 5VDC,5VDC,2000 MA(TYP)
Socket Type : Micro USB
Dimension : 130 * 71 * 14.1mm
Capacity : 10001-15000(mAh),10000mAh
Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)

12000mAh Pokemon Go Power Bank, Pokeball Power Charger, Pokemon Go Ball Mobile Power

US $3.99 - 6.99/Piece (Min. Order: 50 Pieces)
Battery type : 18650 Lithium Battery
Input : Micro USB 5V/1A
Socket Type : USB
Model Number : 5V Power Bank
Type : USB Universal Portable Power Bank
Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)

New arrival promotional world cup gifts power for mobile phone supply, mobile power supply

US $6.25 - 11.55/Piece (Min. Order: 200 Pieces)
Outport : 5V/1A
Input : 5V/1A
Socket Type : USB
Dimension : 110*64*21MM
Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Material : Plastic

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